Dear Charlie

I met Matt few years ago, at easyJet in Paris. Matt was the purser on the first flight I worked on, and was a fantastic source of inspiration.
Quite a sense of humour, flying with Matt was always a great day ahead.

I am very sorry for your loss and want to send you all my thoughts and support.


5 thoughts on “Tributes”

  1. Matt and I worked together when we were based in Liverpool with easyJet. I had moved down from Scotland and we became friends very quickly he was always there when I needed him. We would always be round at his for a drink or back there after a night clubbing. Lisa Sharp reminded me of the time we had a bbq on a tiny disposable one – We had so much fun and some great laughs. Sweet Dreams Matt. Lots of love xx

  2. Shona Colthart says:

    Dear Charlie, Fiona and Charles,
    We are desperately sorry to hear the sad news about Matthew. Although we never had the pleasure of meeting him you always spoke so highly of him and he was obviously a very special man. Our thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.
    Lots of love Shona and Steve x

  3. Debbie Jones says:

    I didn’t know Matt for a long time but he made my ten hour flight to Nassau the most enjoyable one I have ever had. I will remember him fondly; he will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with you. Debbie

  4. Louise Spikings says:

    I have loads of memories of Matt. My most recent fun one though was Jan 2013 when I had a house party at his Essex home (my house) for my engagement. Matt was obviously there with bells on, and I had set him up with a friend of a friend, that was arriving later that evening. We were showing the only picture we had of said date, to my cousin which was side on, and her husband for some reason got the total wrong end of the stick and though he only had one ear, absurd conversation you really had to be there. Once they had left, Matt and I stood under the gazebo having hysterics as Matt had decided to name the poor bloke Earlops (the conversation started something like, what do you call a man with one ear if someone with one eye is a cyclops?). From that day on the poor man was known as Earlops, and when we saw him at another party Matt actually just called him Earlops, which meant that I then had to explain the whole story to this poor confused man. Obviously we got totally carried away and for a good few weeks talked about nothing apart from Earlops and his ear mobile etc…

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