Matt always loved his quotes if there are any that you liked or just fun quotes of your own that would make Matt smile or reflect his sense of humour please feel free to add them in the quotes section.

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  1. James Spencer says:

    God Bless you Matt….
    Before I quote what could be a catalogue of quotes the man himself could remember and dig up to use a cutting retort on request…!
    I would like to say that, on a personal level, I remember when Matt joined easyjet, back in 2001, I was at Luton, he up in Liverpool, and all courses of new entrant cabin crew had their course in photos, up on a special board – we all were up there! I remember VIVIDLY his photo and was struck by how handsome he was…and then I met him!! He was even more so in the flesh! We hit it off…and thanks to him, a wild night in the Moat House Hotel, preceeding my refreshers, I failed my exams and got demoted to junior crew because I fell asleep! His dry wit…his devil laugh, likened to a drain…I always had a huge crush, despite things not working out as we hope, he was/is one of the good(bad!) guys you cant help feeling a lot for…I had the pleasure of knowing you Matt, flying with BA too. Thanks for the laughs and what’s listed below (credits include Abfab, Nan, Derek and Leonard, Father Ted…
    “Bonjour sweetie, darling”
    “huh huh huh, cheers, thanks a lot”
    “American tan….American f**king tan”!
    “Bombay Mary”
    “‘eee ‘as got an ‘ook, for an ‘and”
    “…hhhhuuupp, ‘ooo is it?”
    Thank you Matt….for giggles…nights out…to Liverpool, Luton, LHR and beyond…and the Moat House! And to your family, my sincerest thoughts to you, your boy was the best, I thought a lot him.
    James Spencer xxx
    PS your friend from your easyJet training course, Sally Whittingham, remembers his almost obsessive knowledge and catalogue of quotes! And she remembers THAT dry, wicked sense of humour, that made many laugh…
    God Bless xxxx

  2. Mark Juffs says:

    I don’t know if Matt and I had a conversation that didn’t feature a line from Ab Fab, Norbit or Benidorm. We used to use them all the time and after a few drinks they were our chosen form of communication. Matt and I had some fun times on trips and our week in Mykonos for his birthday in 2011. I never forget the first night there on his birthday the neighbours told us to shhh and Matt jumped up out of his seat as their shutters flew back and gave them a Madge style “Frigg off!” They never bothered us after that! maybe they thought we were typical British holidaymakers.
    Another fond favourite that was one of ours and adopted by many was tapping our glasses with a ring and pulling a face like Rasputia from Norbit “how you doin?”
    I’m so shocked and saddened by the news of Matts passing and only just recently found out this weekend gone.
    Matt will always be in my memory and my thoughts now go out to his family. Charles and Fiona it was lovely meeting you in Dubai back in 2012 and thank you for your hospitality you showed me then. Lots of love Mark xxx

  3. Louise Spikings says:

    Matt and I had a mutual love of Allo Allo and Star Wars so when he was away used to spend many an hour texting our favourite quotes, I have to say Matt was much more inventive than me. Our favourite game though was the translation game, we spent many hours hooting with laughter over the man all powerful, the teeth of the sea, bite the wax tad pole, and 5 fat pigs. It became our endeavour to find films or everyday object that translated into weird phrases.

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