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If you are new to the campaign thanks for signing up to the 4th phase of the Campaign for Matt, for those returning thanks for keeping up the fight and please write again. Lets make sure the industry do not keep burying fume events by saying nothing is wrong with the aircraft. Make sure you write to your MP using the letter below or download the letter here . With yet another new Minister for Aviation at the Department of Transport, Baroness Sugg, it’s time to get the 4th phase of the campaign started.

You can find who your local MP is here at the write to them website and cut and paste the letter below into the box on the writetothem web site and it will be sent directly to your MP.

Alternatively you can personally eMail the letter to your MP.

When you send the letter, written copy, eMail or both to your MP they might send it on to the Minister or they might write back with their own answer. If they do this go back and tell them again to ask the new Minister responsible for Aviation, Baroness Sugg  for an answer. Please send a copy of all letters you receive to me and if neccessary I will help you construct a response.

Campaign Letter
Below is the letter to send to your MP. Please pass it on to family and friends and encourage them to send a letter as well, when a reply is received send it back to us at

Your Address Here

Subject Aircraft Cabin and Cockpit Toxic Fumes 

Dear Your MP’s name here XXXXXX.XXXXX MP

Toxic Fumes – Cabin Crew – Pilots – Passengers.

I have seen reports in the press and on television about toxic fumes in aircraft that affect passengers and crew.

This letter is a request for you to ask the Minister responsible for Aviation, The Baroness Sugg, the following questions.

As toxic oil fumes (from aircraft engines) containing organo-phosphates are allowed to enter the cabin and cockpits of aircraft and have caused illness to many cabin crew, pilots and passengers, and may have caused the death of some, what action he is taking to stop this happening and what the UK Aviation regulatory authorities are doing to investigate these incidents.

Your Name Here.

There will probably be a standard reply which I would like you to send back to .We will then help you on the next steps.

There will be a two fold benefit from your participation in this, the first will build increasing pressure on the new Minister and in turn the industry to address the issue and secondly you will start to really understand how government and industry has been covering up this issue and knowingly allowing people to continue to die

Once again thanks for your support, not just for the battle for justice for Matt but helping to stop toxic fumes in aircraft killing people.

If you want to donate to Matt’s Campaign fund please do so through the GoFundme link. All funds raised will go towards the far reaching costs involved in Matt’s campaign and to support others who have or are suffering because of this issue. A BIG thanks goes to BASSA for their donation which we will ensure is used to push this agenda to help other BASSA members and crew who need support.

We are pleased to say that Matt’s case is currently being supported by Unite who have also set up a crew help line. Unite is urging cabin crew and the public to get in contact, if they have been involved in a ‘fume event’ or believe they may be suffering from aerotoxic syndrome via the union’s free helpline on: 03330 146 569. – See more at:   see your Unite or BASSA rep for more details.

Equally importantly we want to help other crew member families pay for the specialist postmortem/testing required to reveal and confirm the real cause of death. There are many 10’s every year and without the ability to pay for a specialist post mortem their families will never know actually why their loved ones died. This is because coroners and GP’s and almost all medical staff do not know how to identify symptoms of Aerotoxic Syndrome or identify if the cause of death was from breathing contaminated cabin air. Raising awareness with the medical teams, coroners and GP’s will be an additional strand to Matt’s campaign.

Once again thanks for the support and we will see justice for those who have suffered or died and make sure that those who have knowingly allowed this to happened are brought to book.

Matt’s family and others involved in this campaign would like to personally say thanks for joining the campaign, together we will force government and industry to address the problem and stop more people dying.

You may have seen Len McClusky call for a public enquiry. This is all down to the pressure that, between us, we have put on government and that the Union has taken notice of, a great step forward which could not have happened without your support. In particular we need to thank Henry Smith MP for Crawley who raised the issue on the floor of the Houses of Parliament, see

I would once again like to ask you for your support in this fourth phase so we can drive hard through your local MP into the new Minister with responsibility for Aviation Baroness Sugg This will support the call for a public enquiry and force them to take action.

The three previous campaigns allowed us to see the many different responses from MP’s and the Department for Transport, they were very enlightening, in some cases deliberately misleading in others selective with the facts but came with few surprises.

Charlie Bass. Matt’s father

We are no stranger to the denials families and others have and will face, having walked the path ourselves. With the support of BASSA,  Unite and the Aerotoxic Association and others, the expertise required to stop people dying because of this is now available.

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support for Matthew, us – his family, and the pursuit of truth about Aerotoxic Syndrome.

So please either sign up for the petition and make a small donation (large would be great!) or just do one of these things.


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