Friends and Fun Photos

Share your photos of all the fun times with Matt.

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5 thoughts on “Friends and Fun Photos”

  1. Our best memories of Matthew was in the Druid Inn. Gorsedd. what an excellent barman always up for a laugh. If we tried to wind him up he would come back at us with a string of Arabic sentences in which he was fluent and we had no clue as to what was being said, he had a wry smile and said it like he was being nice. funny enough it worked as I don’t think we have ever been so polite to a barman 🙂

  2. Aziz Hamilton says:

    Darling Matt is and will be missed. I had the pleasure in sharing a lovely Xmas trip to SFO with Matt and his lovely parents . I will always remember him as a jolly happy guy. 😉
    Rest in peace my darling xxxx
    A lit candle was placed in a special place in Boston on the day of Matt funeral.

  3. Helen Dobson says:

    Dear Matt just looked at your pics I miss you so much our chats on fb in the middle of the night! Sleep tight mr love Dobbo x

  4. Dear Matt. I feel so saddened to learn of your passing and it is just unbelievable that such a bright and beautiful person is no longer in the world. I’ll always remember you and keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Kieran xxx

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