Celebrating the life of Matt Bass

Celebrating the life of

Matt Bass

This website is to allow Matt's friends and family to join together to share and exchange their memories, photos and stories. It will also be the platform to campaign for recognition of why Matt died and to stop it happening to other airline crew, passengers and ground staff.

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easyJet Captain

Charles Bass | May 9, 2015 9:18 am

It is with great sadness I heard about this recent event.
As an Easyjet Captain, I remember having flown with Matt a couple of time.

Unfortunately, some bad news arrived yesterday from DUKE University, NC.
It seems I have been badly contaminated as well.

I will be happy to help.

EasyJet the early days

Charles Bass | February 13, 2015 3:07 pm

Matt joined easyJet in 1999 and appeared in the first easyJet programme on TV during his training. He went went Liverpool when easyJet started and then Gatwick then he became easyJets youngest purser, Because of his languages he was seconded to Geneva for 6 months, then Nice for 3 years flying as a supernumerary only doing announcements in French, sitting on the beach and eating at Popeye’s. He then went to Berlin for a year and finally to Paris. He met some great friends at easyJet who are still close to his parents and brother.