Fond memories

To the family of Matt,
I trained Matt when he joined BA.  As he had flown before he was the perfect new entrant: attentive, respectful, good company and had the ability to make people laugh without ever dominating anything… He was far to bright to need to attempt that.
We became friends a few years after the training course and I always used to say to him, “you are like the butterfly who has been released from a jar!”
He was so well known and popular amongst everyone at work and I know he was struggling with things, much of which he covered over with his “wicked” (but in no way evil) sense of humour!
Matt adored his family, I used to tease him about it all the time and  (because it engaged with his sense of humour) and call him “Mummy and Daddy’s boy.”
I work outside of BA as a technical engineer and Matt and I had many chats about the New Year Fireworks that my company was involved in in Dubai and London simultaneously.  He wanted VIP tickets for the Dubai event for his Mum and Dad and was not shy in telling me so….. Repeatedly!
I saw Matt on Christmas Eve as I left the Crew Report Centre for my trip and he was as bright eyed and bushy tailed as ever and we exchanged a kiss on the cheek and a vile comment or two (situation normal) and arranged to meet up for “refreshments” in the the New Year.
I will remember Matt as the vibrant,
charismatic, cheeky, uncompromising (on issues he held close to his heart) popular, intelligent and passionate individual that he was and I loved him for his ability to make me laugh ( and take the piss!)
I am sorry that I cannot be there tomorrow to join in the celebration of his life but I will be thinking of him, your family and everyone else who is coming to terms with the loss of such a wonderful young man at this difficult time.
Best Wishes
Dallas McIntosh (CSD at BA)


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