Father Andy

Fiona and I would like to thank Fatehr Andy Richardson from Our Lady of Peace Church Burnham for the support he gave to us during this difficult time. In particular we would like to thank him for taking the service for Matthew at his cremation and for the mention made for Matthew at the Mass on Friday 14th and again on Sunday 16th February, both gave us spiritual support. Once again Andy (Dougal) thanks.

One thought on “Father Andy”

  1. Firstly I would like to echoe Charlie’s thanks to Max. I thought his speach at the service was first class. It is certainly comforting for me to know that Matt had such good friends.
    My memories of Matt are mostly from his childhood, early years at St Gregory’s just down the road from us and then visits during the family time at Cranleigh. The family had a cat, called Pobby. Whilst most cats have nine lives, this one probably felt like one was enough as Matt used to terrorise her. He had a small ride on car, on which he managed to build up speed that Lewis Hamilton would be proud of and would frequently do his best to run Pobby over. I recall one visit from Cranleigh when charlie had a new car, with a car phone – these were a novelty in these days. Matt insisted that they call from right outside the house to announce their presence. Take care all, Love, Dom

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